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Ford trademarked the Stormtrak name shortly after a Fusion-styled crossover was spied testing, and before that, rumors suggesting they were working on a rugged wagon to debut by 2021.

Chance are it will happen and when it does, rendered here is what Ford could reveal:

Expect it to be based on the new C2 platform, like the new Focus, especially with future utility products that are part of Ford's push for 2024.

News of this model comes around a time Ford axed the B-Max, C-Mac and Grand C-Max due to poor sales performance with a couple more models set to join them.

As a result, Ford has to reveal something to fill the void and in a big way. If rumors are true with the trademark as an indication of Ford getting closer to launching this model, then its possible we'll see more developments soon.

Stay tuned!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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